"From Presitone Ltd t/a Connecta Baby - Mon 10 July 2017.

We would like to inform you that we are temporarily suspending trading. 

We are now relocating and restructuring our business. We apologise for this disruption.  

In the meantime, we encourage you to support our valued retailers who continue to sell Connecta Baby Carriers.

If you have any enquiries please e-mail  enquiries@connectababycarrier.com and one of our team will do their best to get back to you.

Best wishes"

Please see the list of our valued retailers below:

All Mama’s Children, Birmingham – www.allmamaschildren.com
 Babi Pur, Gwynedd – www.babipur.co.uk
Calm Family - www.calmfamily.org
Carry My Baby, Leicester – www.carrymybaby.co.uk
 EcoRoos, Derybshire – www.ecoroos.co.uk
Grow Up Green, Newcastle – www.growupgreen.co.uk/
Kangarinos, Merseyside – www.kangarinos.co.uk
Kid-Nap, Dumfries – www.kid-nap.com
Koala Slings, Cumbria – www.koalaslings.co.uk
 Little Possums, Derybshire – www.littlepossums.co.uk
Love To Be Natural, Northern Ireland – www.lovetobenatural.co.uk
 Mama Sling, Halton – www.mamasling.co.uk
 North East Sling Library, Durham – https://www.facebook.com/northeastslinglibrary
Petit Poppet, London –www.petitpoppet.co.uk
 Raspberry Rascals, Bury St Edmunds - www.raspberryrascals.co.uk
 SaSa Slings, Essex – www.sasaslings.co.uk
Slinglibrary.com, Huddersfield –www.slinglibrary.com
 Slinging Around, Dumfries and Galloway – www.slingingaround.co.uk
 Sling Space, London – www.theslingspace.co.uk
Sling Spot, Sheffield – http://sling-spot.co.uk/
 Slings and Things, West Sussex – www.b2boutique.co.uk
 South East Slings, Petersfield – www.southeastslings.co.uk
 Tickety Boo, Orkney - www.shearersorkney.co.uk/ticketyboo.asp
Wear My Baby, London – http://wearmybaby.co.uk/
 Worthing Sling Library, Worthing – www.worthingslinglibrary.co.uk

Slyngevejlederen, Hojbjerg – www.slyngevejlederen.dk

Mamoulia, http://www.mamoulia.fr/m/connecta/

Billie’s Babywearing, Dublin – www.billiesbabywearing.ie
Koalacubs, Dublin – www.koalacubs.ie
Snugglebugs, Kildare – www.snugglebugs.ie

The Netherlands
Ikdraag.nl, Groningen – www.ikdraag.nl

MisCanguritos, Palencia – www.miscanguritos.com

Carry My Baby – www.carrymybaby.com.au
AngelRock Baby – www.angelrockbaby.com.au
In My Pouch – www.inmypouch.com.au
Start Well Babywearing Shop (Mackay, FNQ) –www.startwell.com.au

Tadpoles & Butterflies, Alberta – www.tadpoles.ca
Yellow Birch, Ontario – www.yellowbirch.ca
Lollypop Kids, Burlington – www.lollypopkids.ca

Anjung Ummu, Kelantan – www.anjungummu.com

The Sling Collection, Hong Kong – http://slingcollection.com/

Oceano Kidz, Singapore – https://oceanokidz.myshopify.com/

Sprout Soup, Ohio – www.sproutsoup.com